Goodner's Gourmet - A Personal Chef Service
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How do the payments work?
You can pay with Cash, Check, Zelle or Credit Card.

Do I tip?
Tipping is optional.

How long does a cook day take?
It depends on the menu that you choose, but the average is 4 hours.

Who does the shopping?
I do the shopping for a $25.00 fee in addition to the cost of the groceries or I will make a list for $10.00 and you can do the shopping yourself.

Do I have to be home for a cook day?
You are only required to be present the first time. If you prefer not to be home during future visits we can arrange a secure method of getting into your home so I can prepare your meals.

Do you take Covid precautions?
If Covid is a concern for you, we can discuss appropriate precautions.

If you have additional questions, feel free to email them to me.