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How It Works

A personal chef differs from a private chef in that a private chef cooks for one client full time while a personal chef cooks meals in advance for several clients, on a day scheduled for each, usually on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Hello, I am Brian, your personal chef!

I like to meet my clients initially so, at your convenience, I will come to your home and sit down with you to discuss your food preferences and any allergies or special dietary needs you may have. I have delicious recipes not only for traditional meals but also vegetarian,  low calorie, Keto, Southbeach,  gluten-free, dairy-free and more.* We will review the menus and choose a few meals that you would like for your initial service.

We will then schedule a day for me to come back and cook in your kitchen. On your scheduled cook day, I will shop for the freshest ingredients** and arrive at your home with my own equipment , only requiring an operating stove and oven. After cooking, I will place your food in containers*** ready for the refrigerator or freezer, each with labels and reheating instructions.


* Meals--There is a minimum of 2 meals per cook day at $45 each (excluding the cost of groceries). Each meal contains 1 protein and 2 sides with ample servings for 4 people.

** Shopping--you will be responsible for the cost of groceries plus a $25 shopping fee.

*** Containers--If I provide containers there is an additional cost of $10 each cook day.  However, these containers are NOT oven-safe.  I recommend Pyrex (provided by you) or other oven-safe containers that can be used for both storage and heating.  If you would like, I can purchase these for you at my cost.

I am a graduate of the former Florida Culinary Institute, member of the APPCA (American Personal & Private Chef Association) and ServSafe certified.